Pet Farewells

Honouring Your Pet: Dog and Cat Cremations in NZ

The process for a  pet cremation follows  five steps . 

  1. You arrange your pet’s cremation location in either Hamilton, Mount Maunganui or Wellington
  2. You select the cremation service whether it be the return of the pet’s ashes or the non-return of the ashes
  3. We collect your pet from your veterinarian, or you can drop your pet off at one of our three locations
  4. We cremate and process your pet’s ashes according to the service you have selected
  5.  Then, either the ashes are returned to you if you have selected this option, or if you choose not to have the ashes back then we will either scatter the ashes in our garden of remembrance or dispose of them depending on which option you have asked for

What happens to your pet during the cremation process at Pet Farewells?

Once we have received your pet at one of our facilities, we perform a dignified and professional cremation of your pet as long as we have all the necessary documentation in order. Following the cremation, if you have chosen to have your pet’s ashes back then we will return them to you either in person,  or to your veterinarian or by courier if you are out of town. 

Next steps for loved pets