Pet Farewells

Preserve Memories with Pet Farewells Memorabilia

The following cremation services are available direct to clients at all three of the Pet Farewells locations. We are the local pet cremation service for the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Wellington regions. Individual cremations involve the separation of each pet in the cremator. Our Hamilton and Mount Maunganui pet cremators are new American 5-chambered machines in which the pet is placed in their own individual chamber. The Wellington cremator is of the older style and has one large chamber with each pet being placed on the hearth using a map drawn-up to show their exact physical placement. We guarantee the return of the correct cremains to the pet owner in all instances. All of the cremation services include the cost of engraving, a certificate, and a copy of the poem My Forever Friend.

Return Of Ashes

* all return of ashes prices include engraving, poem and certificate

No Return of Ashes

Veterinary clinics : for a full list of wholesale prices including medical waste disposal please contact us at [email protected]